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CGD - First guest lecture
le 11/11/2018 à 11:33:57 par NoNiMad

As I said, a post before the next week… !

On Monday (the fifth), we had our first guest lecture with Tommy Palm from Resolution Games. He is a game designer and an entrepreneur, this company being his fifth :o He has been working in the gaming industry for more than 20 years and contributed to some projects as huge as Candy Crush Saga - even if I don't like this game or King at all, I must say I was really impressed when I realized it. Anyway, he was there to talk about his actual company which creates VR/XR/AR mobile games, the last one being Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot, a collaboration between Rovio (creators of the Angry Birds franchise) and Magic Leap. He talked a bit about his history, his activity and then focused about how the VR-mobile-games market should not be treated the same way as the standard mobile-games market.

I can't really do the same presentation here (and probably shouldn't) but I noted a few points that were particularly interesting.

First, the "Timing"

Tommy said he believed now is the right time to get into the VR market as this technology is rising and there's a revolution approaching. This was something I could relate a lot as I always felt like I was born too late to participate in either the computer revolution or the internet revolution or the smartphone revolution and obviously people always told me: "There will always be a next revolution, just be patient and be ready when it comes" and I guess these people were telling the truth. There will always be a next revolution. I don't really know if VR is the next one, but I surely hope so! I would love for VR to become mainstream and a new way both to work and to play video games.

Retention in games

Second point was retention of players in mobile games. That was an interesting point that I think doesn't only apply to mobile games. Sure, it's way easier to uninstall and start playing another game on mobile than on PC and you have a huge ton of apps concentrated on one unique platform - Apple's AppStore or Google's PlayStore - but free-to-play is free-to-play, no matter if it's on PC or on a smartphone - you can have this problem of retention in non-free games but when you already payed for something you will play longer before uninstalling (I guess?). So he discussed many ways of doing that: recurrent events, social features such as having friends and groups and adding new content.

VR issues with mobile (or even with PC)

First issue is with the hardware: it changes a lot. With every company in the world wanting to make their headset the world leading headset, we're lucky to have the OpenVR standard. In fact we're lucky to have any standard at all. Hopefully this won't be an issue in the future as either a too strong standard or the absence of standard can be an issue for innovation. Right now, we have competition and a lot of innovation going on which means to develop for VR you have to choose a platform, a platform that may disappear or be replaced in the few months that follows your game release - RIP Daydream, a platform that will also limit the audience you may be able to grow! Indeed, VR is not very widely used (something about 5% of the gamers around the world?) and the fact that everybody has different phones or different computers with different capabilities makes it even harder. I'm still thinking it has great days ahead of it as the number of users is quickly growing and devices such as the Oculus Go could make it grow even faster!

That's all for tonight, next week we'll focus more on my group's work and everything we're planning for our game. Have a nice restful sleep readers!

Computer Game Design - Intro + Other projects pitches!
le 08/11/2018 à 12:26:29 par NoNiMad

Hello there!

As you may know, I'm doing an exchange semester at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. One of my courses is "Computer Game Design" (which I will probably abbreviate CGD later) and I have to maintain an individual (dev-like) blog as part of the evaluation. These posts will obviously be in English but I may do a translation in French if people are interested enough. Now that I'm done with the introduction, let's head to actual content!

This morning we had the presentation of the other groups game ideas, and it's been mostly super interesting stuff. I'll sure be playing all of them (and maybe writing about them as well, if it's okay) but I am especially interested in one VR horror game. I've never been able to try any game of this type and they're aiming at something - probably the only thing - I really like in horror games: deathless fear. So, no running in small hallways with a hideous monster behind, no being killed by a poorly done screamer… "Layers of Fear"-style! This game was amazing by the way, go play it. It achieves horror not by putting pressure on you but by putting you in an old almost normal house and as you explore the place, weird things starts to happen with painting fading away, doors disappearing while you're not looking, apples rotting in front of you, that kind of stuff. I wish their would be more like that for people like me who wants to get scared but not too much :)

We also had a guest lecture on monday by the founder of Resolution Games which was really interesting, but I haven't had time to write something about it yet. I will before next week, I promise!

Oh, and about my group idea, we started working on the first demo (due next Friday, everything will go really fast) and I will show some screenshots and explanation about what we're doing, but not right now. Now is the time to eat!

Bonjour et bienvenue !
le 01/11/2018 à 12:13:10 par NoNiMad

Incroyable, la 2547ème tentative de blog de NoNiMaaaaad ! Mais… il n'y a aucune fonctionnalité ? OUI. C'est beau hein cette fluidité liée à l'absence de possibilités ?

Du coup je vais me servir de ça pour poster des pensées probablement assez courtes mais au fur et à mesure que des fonctions seront ajoutées, le contenu s'étoffera aussi :) (Note : pouvoir écrire en Markdown et mettre des émojis)